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Tommy Robinsons hometown of Luton; An unfolding story of complete and total racial replacement

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Projected to be 95% immigrant or immigrant descent by 2031. 

That shocking figure is not a finger in the air scaremongering attempt, it is the official, ONS approved figure from seasoned demographers at the University of Manchester, Ludi Simpson & Stephen Jivraj, as reported by the Economist. They believe far from reducing immigration levels as promised, current and future UK governments will maintain or likely increase 3rd world immigration to the UK.

Barking and Dagenham is, in some ways, even more incredible, being as it was right up until about 2000, one of the last bastions of undiluted, working class Englishness in London. This, in the 1980s and 1990s was the quintessential 'white working class' east London suburb that embodied Thatchers 'essex man' In the 1991 census, it was recorded as being 94.2% white, even by 2001 still nigh on 90%. By 2031, only around 8% of whites will remain. Already today, in Barking and Dagenham public schools, white British pupils have fallen from around 86% in 2000 to 23% as of January 2018. 

The ethnic evolution of Luton however, a medium sized town 30 miles or so outside of London, is quite something to behold.

The only parallel I can think of, is Detroit, which went from about 80% white in the early 50s, to 10% white by the early 2010s. 

Luton looks to beat that by about 20 years, going from over 80% white in 1991, to about 10% white & only 5% white British by 2031...




I wouldnt actually bother reading the Economist Article, its just where the graphic linked to (though is not displayed on the page itself), because it of course is full of mistruths, such as saying the fact that UKIP got 'only' 12% of the Luton vote in 2015 compared to 14% across England is evidence people in Luton just love the mass of 3rd world colonists...of course the reality is UKIP, according to Pollster IPSOS mori, got statistically zero votes from non-whites, so to get 12% overall of an electorate that is perhaps only 45% white British, is in fact far more impressive than 14% of an electorate that is still nearly 90% white nationwide. It means pver 1 in 4 white Lutonians voted UKIP, compared with about 1 in 7 white Britons overall, meaning a white in Luton was actually nearly twice as likely to vote UKIP than the country at large...not withstanding the fact that fully a quarter of white Britons voted with their feet and fled Luton between 2001 and 2011. But the demographic figures are interesting due to their candour...none of this 'might become a minority some decades into the future' but a clear demonstration that white Britons will not just become a minority in a little over 10 years, but a tiny, electorally insignificant and unimportant minority. Invisible and overlooked at best, ridiculed and persecuted at worst. 

For White British people to make up, as they did, around 75% of that 80.2% in 1991, to fall to become statistically insignificant, just 5%, by 2031, is truly staggering. I'd guess that remaining 5% are mostly white women who have converted to Islam...the last vestiges of the tribe of Britons who lived on that soil for the previous 1000 years.


1991 Luton had a population of 171,671 and was 80.2% white (137,665) and 74.0%* white British (126,977*)

2001 Luton had a population of 184,371 and was 71.9% white (132,566) and 65.0% white British (119,793)

2011 Luton had a population of 203,201 and was 54.7% white (111,079) and 44.6% white British (90,530)

*1991 census had no 'white, British category', country of Birth is used instead


Luton Schools, percent white/white British, annual census carried out in January every year.

1997: 63.1% / 61.7%

1998: 62.5% / 59.7%

1999: 62.5% / 59.2%

2000: 61.3% / 58.2%

2001: 60.1% / 56.9%

2002: 58.9% / n/a

2003: 56.1% / 51.7%

2004: 54.2% / 48.3%

2005: 52.1% / 45.9%

2006: 50.3% / n/a

2007: n/a  / n/a

2008: 46.0% / 40.4%

2009: 43.7% / 37.7%

2010: 42.0% / 35.9%

2011: 40.2% / 34.0%

2012: 38.4% / 31.9%

2013: 36.9% / 30.0%

2014: 35.8% / 28.0%

2015: 35.0% / 26.1%

2016: 34.2% / 24.2%

2017: 32.8% / 21.8%

2018: 32.4% / 21.1%

Mr Molyneux needs to stop worrying about Germany and Sweden and report on the dire demographic situation in the UK. The UK has endured what Germany endured for 18 months for 18 years. Only, Bliar, Cameron and May were sensible enough to conduct the replacement in a far more subtle and managed way than Merkels chaotic invitation. 

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