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Hello from Oklahoma!

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My Name's David and I live in Oklahoma City! I'm a 23 year old, black male who's studying software development and computer science.

I've been listening to FDR for about a year now and I'm a proud donator! Due to some recent events in my personal life and trends in society, I decided to improve myself to be the best person I can be. I've always been a voracious learner, but through my childhood and teens, it was relegated to science and technology. I found the study people, society, and philosophy boring and unnecessary. Naive I know. Things have changed. If I'm to better myself, I realized that I had to learn about the world I live in AND the people who inhabit it with me. I realized couldn't be a island if I wanted a good life. I found Stefan's program on YouTube. I quickly got addicted to the call in shows and the "Truth about" series. I've been a listener ever since! I hope to meet some like minded people here as well as have and read some interesting conversations!

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Hi @Anansi

Welcome, those are some nice sentiments,... about your voyeurism, later:ermm::laugh:(Just kidding, it's a public forum.)

See you around,


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