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I'm an independent author and researcher from the UK. My book The Declaration of the Self: On the Abolition of the State is due to be released on 06/28/2018. It is divided into three parts.


The first part outlines the basic prime principles underpinning a stateless society (such as self-ownership, property rights and the NAP). The second part is devoted to the 'application' of these principles to the provision of 'public goods' such as 'national' defence, law, money and roads (among others). The third part contains the 'declaration' of the title, while exploring how a free society might be established.


If you're interested, I can arrange a free kindle copy for review (via voucher) on the day of release (on a first come first serve basis, of course). Please let me know. Cheers.


Adam Clarke




Website: www.clarkead.co.uk

Book link: https://www.amazon.com/Declaration-Self-Abolition-State-ebook/dp/B07BTLS9QC/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1524810104&sr=8-7&keywords=declaration+of+the+self






The Declaration book cover.pdf

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I am writing from a UK perspective. I have not come across many 'ancap' books written from such an angle.

I challenge the toxic culture of 'group think'  and encourage a 'me think' mentality, or an active change of personal perspective that encourages voluntary affirmative actions (VAAs), which themselves serve to advance societal self-awareness and autonomy above and beyond state governance.

This 'me think' perspective is summarised in the 'declaration' of the title.

I do not think my short work will be radically original or some air-tight grand moral theory, but I do hope it helps to spread the message of freedom (especially in my country).




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