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One thing is that if there is neutral monism and morality is dependent on Genetics (which to a large degree, I think it is), isn't this now in the realms of moral relativism?

Why shouldn't consciousness take precendent to physical reality? Maybes it a Chicken and Egg scenario. Haven't read George Berkley's work on subjective Idealism, but it denies the concept of materialism, from talks I've seen. As long as the subject concieves of physical reality isn't this enough to do what is morally right, and whatever a person needs to survive a rule of thumb is generally good enough. The Lord will provide kind of thing. Interested in what some of the psychological affects maybe of having an implicit of explicit metaphysic, it might not even be correct but good enough. Determinism surfices for many. But like with what judegment you meet it shall be meeted you. If you're no different from a rock fundamentally, like a rolling stone.... what else is there.

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On 6/17/2018 at 4:53 PM, ofd said:

That depends on the type of alien ;) If they are like us (eusocial apes) we can expect them to have a similar morality if the same evolutionary pressures applied to them. If they are like eusocial insects (ants) they will have a more collectivist morality. As for tribes, their basic morality (don't steal, don't kill within your in-group) is the same as ours.

Morality is simply a concept regarding how we manage interactions with others. I don't see how it applies to determinism or free will... if that is still what we are talking about.

Your morality is determined by your moral instincts which come from biology and is a prior cause to your actions and you learn morality from events you are exposed to in your life whichchange your morality to some degree prior to your new behaviors. Nothing in this process seems even close to free will.

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