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My Church is Racist!!!!

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I go to church every Sunday more for community then anything else. They have been mentioning multiculturalism in the church and today the whole sermon was about multiculturalism. Actually that's a lie but that's what they want you to think. The focus of the sermon was how we as a people which quickly turned into white people need to help and stand up for people less fortunate which quickly turned into people of color, which quickly turned into black people or African Americans. Words like Asian, Hispanic, Indian, Native American or any other word associated with a race that was not black was not mentioned once in today's sermon. The sermon quickly turned into a lecture on how white people should give more to black people and how white people should never assume anything negative of black people.  Of course they mentioned we need to stand up for injustices and the vague example they used was "when white cops kill black kids for not just reasons."The word "Caucasian" was not used at all while black people were referred to as Blacks, African Americans, and people of color. The pastor invited two black pastors from other churches to make suggestions on what white people should be doing differently to make black people feel more accepted in the community. 

I spoke to a church elder and asked why didn't we mention other races like Asians, Hispanics, or Indians, and the church elder said they "they participate in false religions and can not be saved." To me the whole thing came off as very racist in favor of the black community, not caring about other races and I feel liberalism is now really hitting the churches hard. I also felt like I was the only person who had a problem with this crap because no one else seemed to speak up. It seems like I am always being fed this bullshit about racism with the focus being on black people. If this movement is doing anything to me its making me dislike the black community as whole and give greater respect to other races that are not forcing me to respect them. 

I apologize if this is the wrong place for this or if it appears that I am venting. This is a huge frustration of mine as I don't have many friends that can see past liberal propaganda. 




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The pastor that dared to say they "participate in false religions"... was he a Protestant by any chance? Most Hispanics are Roman Catholics. Most Asian converts re also Catholics. Either way I strongly suggest you push back in public during the sermons because that's what the Church is for: debating and arguing. "Speak the truth; shame the Devil" should be inscribed on your belt the next time you go to that sinning church.

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As a black person, I find what you went through was very demeaning. Besides, I want to be respected for my own merits; I don't want to demand respect from anyone or be pandered to. What they preached is insulting to people of all races. I once got some flak from SJWs who took umbrage to the fact that I want to be treated as an individual, not as a component of a "victim" group. You should find another church that's not focused on this ridiculous and offensive ideology. 

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Hi @leahcim1985

3 hours ago, leahcim1985 said:

I apologize if this is the wrong place for this or if it appears that I am venting. This is a huge frustration of mine as I don't have many friends that can see past liberal propaganda. 

Oh, dear! No, don't worry about it the slightest. I mean, I don't think you were unjustly venting or that your frustration is founded upon a false narrative. The way I see it, you are more 'woke' than to just 'fall in line, join the propaganda'. Silly, isn't the best word but since I know very little, I don't want to rule out that it's only a temporary confusion... I hope it is, at least. It could be very well the consequent step in a form of a 'fall', but I can't ascertain that, as of yet.

I would feel anxious too, even mocked to the point of wanting to find out more about the 'unexpected change of heart'. To put it again, mildly. (Worst case scenarios should be proven first, not expected immediately imo. The investment is too high for 'hot-headedness,' right?! Baby with the bathwater and all... )

A few ideas that might be useful:

° It's morally positive to not interfere with people's choices, yet show disagreement IN THE APPROPRIATE PLACE AND TIME. Keeping your wits about you is of essence. 'Check in !!!'  (Mike Cernovich - Gorilla mindset)

I'm paraphrasing:

'Truth is a sword that shouldn't be drawn at any cost.'

... in other words, you should choose well, when to say WHAT, TO WHOM, FOR WHAT REASON.

° You are just one person from the few who'd noticed the 'direction of the wind changing,' I gua-ran-tee you that... Or I'm wrong because the size of the group/congregation is too small statistically. (e.g. less than 30, hand-picked, intrinsically zealot-like individuals... very unlikely.)

° Some people have felt it, though not yet have been able to formulate it in words. It's there, a splinter embedded now. Patience... you'll get those roses.

° You haven't noticed the signs, the brief and fleeting looks of desperation for sanity, rationality... Or just abrupt bewilderment, quickly dialed down as the person realised it'd invite unwanted attention. Could be, you hadn't been looking prior to it, right?!

° Austerity is strong in your community, bet you it wasn't the first time people who contemplated deviance chose against it (different types have different capacity for BS, some twigs snap under stronger stress... ).

° There's a few dozen actions you and others could take, many of which consists of mainly figuring out what the heck is going on. Identifying who, why, what, to what extent... curiosity.

° People make mistakes, good people try to fix them. Simply seeing what they choose to do with what they have done, tells you more than if you'd asked them directly. Again, you don't need to act as/be the focal point to see if you should be... wisdom.

Hope that helps, stay curious... is my summary of my two cents.



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