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The case study FOR and AGAINST pyramid schemes by Jon M. Taylor, MBA, PhD

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Hi thinkers and alike,

Anyone who is thinking about going into/becoming associated with business endeavours connected with (M.L.M.) 'multi-level-marketing' ought to look into it deeper for a better understanding of the risks involved. Risk assessment above any and all anecdotes, in my opinion, is the most efficient approach. There's a good case study by Jon M. Taylor, MBA, PhD.


The top 10 such companies are :(according to network marketing central)

 1     Avon Products, Inc
 2     Amway
 3     Herbalife Ltd.
 4     Natura Cosmeticos SA
 5     Vorwerk & Co. KG
 6     Mary Kay Inc.
 7     Tupperware Brands Corp.
 8     Oriflame Cosmetics SA  
 9     NuSkin Enterprises, Inc.
10     Belcorp    

Robert Kiyosaki does not have a multi-level-marketing business (owner) to my current knowledge, though he endorses its merits, along with Donald Trump.


Good mind-expanding,


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