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Philosophers as teachers

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I have entered on this forum, a few thoughts but not much in way of the reply, I think because they are quite boring, so,,what to do??hmm, Stefans pointers on who is who, in the realm of ideas and all things virtuous, philosophy is the source, like water, the closer you are the purer it becomes, so away I ran from more recent, and I find now very rough philosophy, I looked way back and examined the words of the Masters, and wondered, if we could replace the modern idea of the teacher, strict, stern,slightly abusive with a sinister edge, rich,,on holiday usually, with just the words of the real teachers of knowledge, what money could we save! and more importantly,,how many young lives also, I have selected what is, a real  peach of logic and guidance, in my opinion.

If we are lost, then we should listen to the great thinkers, and then the thoughts they had, those we like,, then thats what we are in reality,, only then can we compare what we have become, to what we want to become,,then the process of an about turn and head on back up the dead end our modern educators have willingly sent us down, back to ourselves, back to Freedom.

Right now, for me,,this is a real beauty, and we can find ourselves, this ancient well so deep of  thought of super wisdom and maybe if enough can hear it, throw a coin in , but the real lessons right now are,  we can maybe also see clearly,  why the world has never improved. Go ahead Plato,,

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the person that 
dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” ~ Plato

and the beauty is, if this island of pure clean thought is discovered, the mind that finds it can spend an entire and happy super rich life, just reading these pearls and feel free to join in.


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Women often are the best teachers for little kids. “Teachers” is too vague a statement to have any meaning.

To teach philosophy at the university level? Yes. But engineering?

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