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The Nature of Human Intelligence (Sternberg, 2018)

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Here is a good counter argument to the effect of 50k years of divergent evolution on observed racial differences;
Flynn, J. (2018). Intelligence, Society, and Human Autonomy. In R. J. Sternberg (Ed.), The Nature of Human Intelligence (pp. 101~115). Cambridge University Press.

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If I found the right one, it's this (from here) :


IQ scores are volatile indices of global functional outcome, the final common path of an individual’s genes, biology, cognition, education, and experiences. In studying neurocognitive outcomes in children with neurodevelopmental disorders, it is commonly assumed that IQ can and should be partialed out of statistical relations or used as a covariate for specific measures of cognitive outcome. We propose that it is misguided and generally unjustified to attempt to control for IQ differences by matching procedures or, more commonly, by using IQ scores as covariates. We offer logical, statistical, and methodological arguments, with examples from three neurodevelopmental disorders (spina bifida meningomyelocele, learning disabilities, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) that: (1) a historical reification of general intelligence, g, as a causal construct that measures aptitude and potential rather than achievement and performance has fostered the idea that IQ has special status and that in studying neurocognitive function in neurodevelopmental disorders; (2) IQ does not meet the requirements for a covariate; and (3) using IQ as a matching variable or covariate has produced overcorrected, anomalous, and counterintuitive findings about neurocognitive function. (JINS, 2009, 15, 331–343.)

While here you can check out, Robert J. Sternberg's bio. (have a gander at his "Administrative Experience")

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Hi thinkers and alike,

What a great interview the FDR team has just put out, fully packed and really interesting...

(quote from the video's description: )

 "Human intelligence is an important construct in psychology, with far-reaching implications, providing insights into fields as diverse as neurology, international development, and sociology. Additionally, IQ scores can predict life outcomes in health, education, work, and socioeconomic status. Yet, students of psychology are often exposed to human intelligence only in limited ways. ... We found that 79.3% of textbooks contained inaccurate statements and 79.3% had logical fallacies in their sections about intelligence."

The study can be found, here.

Good mind expanding,


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Supplementary for this thread, worth a read-through, following up.


(Genetics of Brain Structure and Intelligence by Paul Thompson and his team)

take you (pdf) there

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