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Just before Xmas I went on Amazon UK to see if I could get a copy of DR Arthur Janov's most recent book: BEYOND BELIEF. It was listed as New, Hardback, at something in excess of £363. Paperback was DIRT CHEAP at £190.00

I looked on the USA Amazon website and it was offered at $50. I have just this minute looked again at the UK website and BEYOND BELIEF has vanished, is not listed at all. However, they are offering 

just in case you were wondering what to do with all your spare money. So thats a comfort for you as it is for me.
I tried ordering from the Amazon USA website but they require a USA address. I am awaiting replies from ordinarry offline bookshops in the USA as to whether they will kindly, upon reciept of postage plus book price, post me a copy. I had one reply that they were sold out. The others presumably will respond after Xmas.
What is the relevance of BEYOND BELIEF to Stefan Molyneux, you will no doubt be enquiring? Dr Janov, according to the preface which is available online, has made the connection between religious belief as a means of blocking emotion and childhood suffering. I had already arrived at this conclusion quite independently of Janov and only happend to see his new book whilst searching for somehting else on Amazon. For the majority of FreedomainRadio communards, an understanding or even awareness of childhood pain and how it affects the adult will be completely absent. Indeed, I have discovered that merely to offer the concept will generate fury in some people - of which they will be quite unconscious. But the idea THE IDEA is of supreme importance because it makes a mockery of that current idiot ninny's buzzword "de-radicalisation" ( he was "de-radicalised") as a refuge for the intellectual weakling. If you pretend a belief in "radicalisation" then you would have to pretend a belief in Hitler as a man who became "radicalised". You would have to ask the question; "How did Adolph Hitler become 'radicalized'?" If you understand, as I do, what causes extreme behaviour in adults, then your answer would be: "Hitler became 'radicalised' by the extreme thrashings he recieved from his father throughout his childhood and early adolescence." Then you would have to ask "how did all those terror bombers become 'radicalised'?" would you not? If you were awake, that is. Now, my goodness golly me, I would not want to start an argument here with the intellectual giants of this community, so I ask that you acquire a copy of Beyond Belief for DILLIGENT STUDY before you respond to ensure that Ninny Witlessness is avoided - unless you are going to agree with me of course. Thank you so much for your attention and happy Tax Reform to all! 

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Hi @Jack_Rainbow

I saw your double, copy&paste posts though I am only going to respond to one in full and it's here, below.

Did you know (?), Stefan M. has tons of podcasts specifically about (see below) neatly listed(available since almost a decade ago) under the tabs

"Origins of War in Child Abuse"


"Peaceful Parenting"

(link to the site)

Additionally, he's also read the book called Origins of War in Child Abuse by Lloyd Demause and it's downloadable in mp3 (amongst, yet another plethora of fantastic materials from him).

(link to the audio book and those additional resources)


Ps. Anyone else who first heard... What's "communards" - find it here.

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