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{YouTube} ABC NEWS screws up beyond belief

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The video is here

Hi thinkers,

Other than what's articulated in the vid. I wanted to point out just how much it will hit back. I'm not meaning memes or people pointing to it in the future... something better.

There's a huge community of news aggregators on YT, doing commentary, analytics. I would hazard a guess that in opinion formation, their role is many multitudes more important than the mainstream. Many of these independent/ish content creators recently had to issue their own 'clarifications', explaining how they got duped (essentially) by bad journalism and passing it on unsuspecting. Now, since their incentives are more in line with their clients/keeping work standards higher(sponsors, viewers) it's logical they're going to be less reliant on ABC in the future.

There won't be much change in the mainstream... too slow.


We'll enjoy a more critical and skeptical attitude from our favourite content creators, generally raising the quality of future reporting, analytics, debates.

Oh, the silver lining...



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At the time of creating the thread, there wasn't an original posted by the admins.

If there was, I had completely missed it and I'm apologising for duplicating. If my comments here wished to be merged with the other same named thread, I'd be happy to see that being done, eliminating this thread in the process.



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