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Freedomain Radio Christmas 2017!

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I think I've been on this forum for over a year now, though I don't remember this board openly celebrating Christmas. 

I think that deserves a change...

...Given Christmas is just a few weeks away, I figured tis was the season to do something special.

Any ideas? Perhaps some kind of forum game or competition? At the very least I think it is worthwhile for anyone willing to change their avatars and banners to be more Christmas-y themed. 

Well, in any event, I wish you all a pre-emptive Christmas, a happy life, and good prospects for your futures! Merry Christmas Eve(times)21!

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Do we have anybody who can sing or write lyrics? As much as I love the old songs, it is sad there aren't any good new ones and the proof they don't exist is that they're seldom played.

It'd be very interesting if some people from FDR could make an FDR Christmas song. Maybe some artists could draw something. Like maybe Stefpai in place of Santa Clause and Mike in place of (all) the elves? Dressed in their costumes of course.

For a song I think the main theme should, as it generally is, with the spirit of giving and recieving from loved ones as well as a reaffirming to objective morality (God or UPB it's all the same).

Although I'm great at writing, I am not a songwriter nor a singer. I'd assume however there are some amateurs here somewhere looking for a chance to shine. Artists too. Whether in realistic, classical, anime, or cartoonish style I think it'd be fun and festive. Perhaps some Patreon donations for them to. I have no money to donate myself, so admittedly I'd be a free rider though I'd do what I know I can to spread it.


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