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[Podcast] FDR3851 Help! A Turkish Wizard Cast Magic Spells On Me! - Call In Show - October 4th, 2017

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Question 1: [2:10] – “I am a first-year college student attending one of the more esteemed Christian colleges in the United States. My college is in what we all usually consider the "Bible belt" of America, and generally I figured that would imply people would tend to share my perspective as a more conservative Christian (While also being a Conservative Populist politically, myself). While I have met several people that seem to share my distaste for the violence and sheer insanity of SJW culture in today's society, it almost seems like it's been embraced by quite a number of students. Sometimes I feel quite alone as a young man that holds to Christian tradition and the word of the Bible while the administration veers subtly more Left with every week I stay here. I know that God wants me here for some purpose, but how do I keep my sanity or even push back against this seeping cancer of Social Justice into my religion? How does one separate true Christianity from the influences of Social Justice, and what can I do practically as a pastor-in-training to root out those influences?”

Question 2: [1:00:01] – “When I was little, I have clear memories of being very young (toddler or just after) making up stories. I went on to draw pictures and create more and more elaborate stories. Then, when I was 10, Star Wars came out and my dad had died a couple years before. My mom, feeling guilty, or just out of unconditional love, she bought me tons of the associated action figures and vehicles. At that point, I pretty much slowly moved into my imagination. I had two lives, one in my head with a cast of characters and all kinds of amazing heroic stories and situations, and the other real one that basically went through the motions with. At any point, I can just sit there and go off into my imagination. It’s easy to do and fun. However, the people I should have a better connection to are suffering. When things get stressful, I essentially leave to a place I have complete control over. I’ve gone to a therapist, and that’s helped. But I simply can’t seem to leave my imagination and be as present as I should. My wife and kids need a full-time husband and dad, and while I understand that, this habit is hard to break."

Question 3: [2:09:26] – “Is spell casting ethical? How can you logically comprehend magic and rebuild your life if you have been affected?”

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How does one separate true Christianity from the influences of Social Justice

Protestantism is either Social Justice right from the get go or it becomes so gradually.

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On ‎10‎/‎9‎/‎2017 at 4:56 AM, Jot said:

That 2nd call...Holly smokes. One of the most powerful call ins ever. 

Yes.  Sometimes his best stuff comes out when helping others.

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