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Finding financial stability/security as an introvert obsessed with the ongoing culture war..

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What businesses can one open in todays world to achieve some degree of financial independence, preferably from  home online - not looking to get rich but find stability - historically i've alternated between oddjobs and waiting tables and some entrepreneurial things like street food etc. But I've recently moved to northern NH and its going to be bitter cold in winter (i need to stay indoors!) and I am not great with people - fairly certain I'm aspergers but my interests (obsessions) with the ongoing culture war (infowars, molyneux, cernovich, etc etc etc for the past 15 years) I am about as woke as one gets and have no middle ground with the common man. I'd love to get into politics and I'd love to avoid government paperwork as much as conceivable if possible.

Just looking for ideas. I'm not very creative. Would love to get into agricultural based income perhaps. Thought about doing rabbit serum - got lots of space. 

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