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My beautiful amazing wife wrote a book that many could benefit from reading.

Several people from the community were involved. Phil Johnston designed the cover. Cheryl Hulseapple edited the book. And several others helped by reading and providing useful feedback in the writing process. Thank you so much to those involved!

Amazon wouldn't let me post my review of the book, on account of being the author's husband, but I thought I would share it here:



Full disclosure: I am the author’s husband, and am prone to feeling pride and admiration toward my amazing wife; so keep that in mind.

I love this book. I wish I could go back in time and give a copy of How to Find a Great Therapist to my past self as he was embarking on his therapeutic journey.

Being a philosophy geek myself, I massively appreciate the way Kathryn breaks things down in a principled, easy to understand way that builds on itself as you read the book. Its concise chapters are packed full of useful information, and still manage to keep it simple.

Her proactive approach makes everything very approachable. Having dealt with diminished self-esteem and depression in the past, I found the book’s encouragement and reminder that I can improve my situation to be energizing. Her proactive attitude is contagious and gets me thinking creatively about my own situation.

This book is helpful even to people who aren’t looking to go into therapy. I can certainly see myself rereading this throughout my therapy, if I had the privilege of it being available to me at that time.

This book reads like getting great advice and guidance from a really smart friend with considerable experience in the area. You know much more what to expect and what to look for. Deciding to enter therapy is a highly personal process, and this author’s got your back.

Having read the book multiple times, I can tell you that it has high replay value. If I was in therapy, I’d be coming back to this book periodically to help me gain perspective, focus, and motivation.

I highly recommend How to Find a Great Therapist to people who aren’t sure what they think about therapy, to those looking to enter therapy, and to those in therapy already. The author’s first-principles approach is extremely clarifying.


Get the book here for $0.99!

On a personal note, to you, from me.

I've had a lot of conversations with people about therapy over the years, as a member of the boards. There are a lot of legitimate questions and reservations people have around therapy. I've noticed too that many people have had an attitude of "I know I probably should, but eh..." and don't get around to it. Let this book help you make that decision.

It doesn't feel good to be conflicted about this. Or to know that you should try it, but don't act. 

I doubt I would be blissfully married, have a great career I am very motivated in, and be expecting a child of my own at the end of the year if I hadn't got into therapy. I would probably still be unemployed/underemployed, depressed and anxious all the time, not living my values, and playing video games every day.

I don't know for sure where I would have ended up, but it scares me to think about.

Plus, cool book cover, right?



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