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Is it just me or is this forum pretty empty nowadays?

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To the FDR team,

Humbly, greatly appreciate your dedication. I'm including all whom I seen, most importantly the ones that convinced me through reason & evidence...(feels like the 'phaaauwer' of thought, and some more.)

Thank you, best creation on the Internet!


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I blame the strict modding. It makes discussion slow and unnatural. It also limits what can and can't be discussed. I tried to post a thread regarding Stefan's (((ethnicity))), but it wasn't allowed to be created.

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On 7/30/2017 at 2:43 PM, Eudaimonic said:

Whoever is in the majority they seek to break down their cohesiveness and numbers in order to better survive themselves.

This is true of all immigrants. Consider the options available to immigrants to a host country:

  • Submit
  • Conquer
  • Assimilate (a form of submission)

Did I miss any?

There are biological differences among races. These differences surface as differences in IQ, personality, and preferences.

As an immigrant, you can Submit to the preferences of the host nation, sacrificing your own.

As an immigrant you can Conquer the host nation, forcing them to sacrifice their preferences for the sake of your own.

As an immigrant, you can Assimilate to the host nation. This is very difficult. If some important preferences have biological origins, then how does one assimilate? You either fake it(Submit) or interbreed to the point that your migrant DNA is diluted into inconsequentiality. A host nation can only assimilate a small number relative to the native population. For example, the US could take in some Germans and Irish and not be too bad off. Somalis are a bridge too far.

When the migrant population wishes to Conquer, but lacks the numbers and power to do so, it can Subvert. A sort of backdoor, behind the scenes variant of Conquer.


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On 7/3/2017 at 5:27 PM, MMD said:

In the days of social media - forums don't serve nearly as much purpose as in years past.

Is there a social media platform or discussion group with real substantive discussions using the sort of red pill knowledge FDR imparts?

I looked at the youtube comments under Stef's videos. It was the wasteland you'd expect to find in youtube comments sections.

I came to the FDR message boards hoping for something more elevated. I haven't found what I've been looking for.

There is some serious, profound information being put out by FDR. It has a huge viewership. Are people not understanding what they're seeing here? I get the very strong impression that very few of Stef's viewers really understand what they're seeing here or how to apply it.

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6 minutes ago, shirgall said:

There are curated FDR groups on Facebook, Minds, and MeWe.

:thumbsup: (thumbs ʌp)

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