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Jannik M

Greetings from Germany

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Hello there,


My name is Jannik.

I am an 19 year old male from Germany. My entire life I have rarely felt something like a true connection or intimacy to other people and to myself as well. Obviously just sitting in my room all day and medicating myself with video games instead of getting out to challenge my anxieties and abusive parents didn’t help me at all. After having wasted almost my entire teenage years starring at a computer screen, I felt that I was not able to numb my mind any longer. Now after nearly 6 months of intense work on self-knowledge and philosophy, I feel so much better than I thought was possible.

The next important step I want to take is improving my abilities to find like minded people and to build meaningful relationships with them. Something I never really had with either my relatives or people I considered friends back then. I am dedicated to speak the truth so I can’t go back to my old “tribe” anymore and now I feel kind of stuck in a null zone where I want to get out as fast as possible – it really sucks in here.


So, if you can relate to my story don’t hesitate to write me a message.

I would love to hear your stories!


… Thank you :)

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Welcome, Jannik.

I'm very happy to hear you've taken a look around at what is happening for yourself and others. Sometimes people wait even longer before taking action. After all it's not your fault that society was constructed to be boring or unwelcoming and not reward you for getting out more.

Hagen Grell was recently interviewed about the state of Germany. He said it's normal for Germans to be mistrustful of Brits and Americans, and rightfully so, due to the wars. Did you have reluctance to hearing the messages of our English-speaking philosophers or other cultural commentators?

Also, are you familiar with the unofficial FDR chat? Some like it and others do not. discord.gg/CqGqEEK

Take care,


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You have no idea how excited I am to hear from a German peer who is into FDR. I am sure there are more, but you are the first I have heard of.

Do you have any particular political views, or are you only here for the self-knowledge section? 

Which part of Germany are you from? Your name looks polish, so I would guess... Prussia, Saxony, Brandenburg?

Whatever you have experienced growing up, you should know that you are not alone, and in fact, in the decadent west we have created for ourselves, there are very many like you.


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Welcome, good sir.  

I seem to be wasting away in front of the computer a ton lately, get wrapped up in Social media and Youtube more than actually writing...  You think an aspiring writer would spend more time doing productive things, like writing for instance.   I am very much afraid of success because of my upbringing.  Improved every aspect of my life other than unlocking my potential...  I've identified the Why but not the how to fix it...  I think I need to do some writing workshops and actually get my work seen and hear feedback.

It's hard when most of the creative people you know are so Regressive they've disowned you.  I can relate to that.  I very much feel alone at times.  I have a few close rational friends, but many of  them lack creativity.  

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