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Forced Distribution (not Re-Distribution) of Wealth -A Correction of Terms, from Thomas Sowell

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stemiko    1
We often talk about the forced “re-distribution” of wealth, but Thomas Sowell rejected this term and corrected people, saying “distribution” instead.
Dr Sowell noted that “redistribution” wrongly implies that wealth is first somehow distributed to people, and then re-distributed among them -whereas in reality, first someone creates wealth, and then someone else distributes it. 
We should narrate this accurately and say “forced distribution” (not re-distribution) when we refer to the welfare state.  

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DaVinci    68

Isn't the fractional reserve banking system also distributing wealth? If we are talking about taxes shouldn't we say forced collection of taxes? The shuffling around and distribution is taking place after the use of force. Saying "forced distribution" seems like it is going to confuse the issue and not clarify it. 

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