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Hello from Virginia.

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Here's my hello post, 


39, unemployed 5 years, told my baccelor's degree is worthless by people who've never written a line of code in their lives because I've been unemployed 5 years... Also virgin, never been on a date. The main focus on my being here will be on trying to promote a dialogue on how society can welcome people such as myself back into the human race. I know it is a difficult problem and I don't have any solutions, but it is important that people face this problem and recognize that it exists and that many many people are having a really tough time at this and that first and foremost we must stop this BS about there not being any talent in the USA and that we must have more H1B assholes from India when they already, to the best of my knowledge, occupy more than 1/3rd of all IT jobs in the USA and have basically anihilated any chance that someone such as myself could secure even an entry level position. 

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the H1B program has really screwed up the IT Job market.  I ended up getting out of programming and more into support after a 2+ year unemployment stent.

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