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True News: Week In Review - March 19th, 2017

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0:30 - Secret Service Laptop Theft/White House Intruders

8:31 - Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly: Friend of DACA

10:20 - Judicial Activism to Double Refugee Numbers

18:33 - NYS Right To Be Forgotten Bill

30:55 - Turkey’s Threats Against Europe

43:25 - France Survey Details

48:24 - Venezuela Bakery Nationalization

58:42 - Eric Idle vs. Climate Change Skeptics

1:07:45 - Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Virtue Signaling

1:17:47 - Illegal Immigrants “Going Hungry” – Avoiding Food Stamps

1:32:12 - California School Bans Tag

1:38:11 - New York School to Abolish Teacher Literacy Test

1:47:03 - Donna Brazile Comes Clean

2:00:10 - Steve King Tweet Controversy

2:05:53 - Texas Legislation to Fine Male Masturbation

2:15:43 - Michael Brown Documentary Controversy


Secret Service Laptop Theft/White House Intruders

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly: Friend of DACA

Judicial Activism to Double Refugee Numbers

NYS Right To Be Forgotten Bill

Turkey’s Threats Against Europe


France Survey Details

Venezuela Bakery Nationalization

Eric Idle vs. Climate Change Skeptics

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Virtue Signaling

Illegal Immigrants “Going Hungry” – Avoiding Food Stamps

California School Bans Tag

New York School to Abolish Teacher Literacy Test

Donna Brazile Comes Clean

Steve King Tweet Controversy

Texas Legislation to Fine Male Masturbation

Michael Brown Documentary Controversy

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Why can't teachers and the educational system recognize individual differences?


Educational standards have been set by averages for over a hundred years.

Teachers come from average students--rarely from the top.

Educational methodology is based on passing tests; not long term results.


Modern education was designed in committee that must maintain popularity by catering to the general population. This is why there is a downward trend year after year. It is simply because the standards are not objective.


So we have generations of people that are getting dumber because the system is designed that way. This is why your average teacher can't grasp certain truths no matter how you explain it to them--they don't have the mental tools do so.


Idiocracy wasn't suppose to be a documentary....

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I love the format. 


A correction: invasive ultrasound means they stick an ultrasound probe in a cavity like the esophagus or vagina. It detects early pregnancy because it's situated right next to the uterus and the fetus is too small to be picked up through the abdomen's layers of tissue.

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Mike you made one analogy that I think could have been better. If you jumped into China, you would have a relatively easy time, and arguably a thriving one. I've lived here (China) for 3 years having come without any Mandarin skills whatsoever nor social networks to rely on before constructing my own. You would find that much and more Chinese are closely aligned with the ideologies FDR puts out, at least in a K vs R sense. From my experience the younger generations are much more naturally distrustful of their government's shortcomings as compared to the US. And for starters, as a native English speaker without formal teaching training you could easily start making more than teachers with a decade of experience in the US, all while having ample time to pursue internet based work.


Not to mention the significant exotic appeal that western men and women draw here and the above average IQs being perks of their own. Why not bring someone back home with you? I have never met women more committed to their husbands than north east Asians generally speaking.


Its not for everyone, but you do not have to forsake your birthplace to experience it.

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This was so fun to listen to.  During call ins and monologues, Stefan has some funny puns or zingers but when you two have your chats and discussions together, I'm often cackling laughing.  I feel like I'm in the room with you! lol So... yeah.... keep this series on the menu! 

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Great show... good pacing, good bants


One mild criticism: it was a rapid fire of black pill after black pill.   Maybe pepper a few "good news" items here and there?


Well done, though, lads



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