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War with North Korea?

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I'll be as brief as I can here...

1. Erwin, you're hilarious! Keep up the comedy; I like your style. Also, don't "Not an argument" me. Yes, I'm using that as a verb but that's Stefan's method for when he isn't smart enough to directly address an issue. Don't make yourself look ignorant. It's a bad look on anyone.

2. RichardY, since I like you, I'll be kindest to your criticisms (I don't mean negative criticism; I mean the scholarly kind, I'm sure). Yes, if Mexicans cross the border illegally, that does make them criminals in that regard, I won't contest that. I'd want to get myself the f*ck out of there, to be fair, but I wonder what the approval rate would be for someone trying to do it legally (i.e. how likely would they be to get the go-ahead from the American side of things)? They can't ALL be drug-smuggling, gun-toting criminals, eh? Just do it legally and see how far you get; it's not that hard. As for the "Fall to your knees" thing, that's creepy coming from any guy and I don't care how old they are.

3. Jim, that's my dad's name, so, again, I'll be nice (I'm a daddy's girl, LOL). To address your first point, alright, I'll be humble enough and say that I don't know THAT much about it, but it just sounds so ugly coming from Trump and especially after Obama never actually implemented that policy. Yes, maybe he did have a list but he never implemented it. Trump did. On your second point, what I said to Rich applies here as well, but I think "flood across our borders" is an overstatement. I think. How many migrants from Mexico do you guys get a year? I'm Canadian, see, so I don't know the American stats. On your third point, like you say, nonissue, and I'm sure you could find a mountain of evidence to support either side's argument now, so who cares? Number four, abortion is actually illegal after a certain amount of time (I think four or five months...?) because it's way too dangerous after a baby has reached a certain size. That's in Canada, mind you. I don't know the law on that in America. But that's for safety reasons. If we're talking about morality, I already explained where I stand on that and I'm not taking any of it back. On your last point...still f*ckin' creepy. There you are, lads (and lasses?). You can dispute with me all you like but I'm not changing my opinions without a solid reason for doing so.  


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