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hey guys! new to the forum but a long time listener to the freedomainradio show. Before i get going i would love to call into the show in response to several recent podcasts involving millennials/ college/ and several other things (not to disagree but to share my story growing up and possibly reach out to like minded people) Im not sure i would have the balls or intellectual strength to argue Stefan anyway. im not exactly sure how to get the ball rolling on that but hopefully this will do (if someone could link a sign up page that would be great im not sure how all that works). I myself am a Canadian born millennial at the age of 23 born jan 11th 1994. I live in southern Ontario.


  I would like to start off by saying that growing up through the terrible obstacle course of government education im very proud that some how ive managed to stay above water in terms of not going completely insane. when it seems almost everyone i know has fallen to this "im a victim" bullshit that Stefan talks about regularly on the show. I've only started listening to Stefan and being generally "awake" to world news, economics, social issues etc. for about 4 years but throughout my entire life ive had a different way of thinking as my peers. I think its mostly due to the fact that i had a wonderful childhood with lots of sports, outdoor play, great parents and true friends. I consider myself very lucky. I do not claim to be a genius, but in the most modest way i do feel like i am above most people when it comes to intellectual ability. 


This is where things start to get difficult. I dont want to come across as the typical "im struggling so the world needs to conform to me" millennial, However i am most certainly lost. very alone. and quite honestly scared. if i can call into the show i would be looking for some guidance from Stefan involving some of the following issues. in a short question "what do you do when you know in your heart you're right, but your entire world disagrees/ doesn't believe you?". My main focus over the years has been mentally and physically preparing for the coming economic collapse which i believe will hit my area VERY hard. I believe i have a firm grasp on whats happening and whats about to happen with the federal reserve, other countries, and generally everything revolving around this topic thanks to this channel, the x22 report, x22 report spotlight, Sgt report, zerohedge.com and other great online sources. i do not claim to know what it will look like. quite honestly i dont think theres anyone in the world who knows the answer to that. humanity has never seen this before. I have put a lot of thought into what it will likely look like on the streets. what i will see not what the news will tell me. Despite being on a student budget ive managed to acquire a good amount of silver, some food storage and even a hunting rifle and ammo. (i do honestly think it will get that bad) But mostly my idea has been to prepare for the worst and hopefully be underwhelmed. This has been my reality for quite some time but i feel my efforts aren't enough. I fully understand the concept that you cant save everyone. I know that seeing anyone else's survival as my responsibility isn't exactly rational. I dont think i have it in me to be so cold. I feel that the knowledge i have is vital to the survival of my friends and their families and there is a responsibility put on me. while i know i dont have the means to physically prepare for them i still feel a strong pull to do absolutely everything i can to help as many close family, friends as i can. 


I have recently been speaking out and educating as many people as i can. my parents, my brother, close friends. people very rarely grasp it or even seem interested. ive lost friends due to this but im generally over that. i feel a genuine concern coming from my parents. People are worried about me so they listen. I show them this channel and others, i show them facts, and i do what i can to explain it myself. in the moment most people seem interested. almost every time i talk to someone i can engage their interest and attention but AS SOON as they go home its like everything ive said is forgotten. I see some big issues coming my way when "SHTF"

#1: I feel like telling people about this might be putting a target on my back. when this happens there are people out there who are gonna go "hey i know a guy who has prepared for this" and come to me for food/ or help of some kind and im not going to be able to hand out freebies.


#2 even if they just come to me to learn what the hell is going on im not going to be able to stand there and explain the last 8 years to them over and over. theres going to be SO MUCH TO DO.


#3 i could go on all day about possibilities but lets not.


I do feel like ive thought of a GREAT plan A B and C. nicely general and flexible as to not depend on specific elements of the collapse needing to fall in the right place, yet it could mean real security. I personally see this whole thing as a once in a lifetime opportunity rather than a doom and gloom "were screwed" mentality.

the ideal situation for me is to somehow have a team of people. doesn't matter how big. 10 would be nice. 3 even. even just a partner who knows and understands the situation before things go down and could control and lead their own families into this "team". i just hate the "everyone and their family for themselves" kind of attitude i see a lot on the internet. need to feel like ive got someone out there whos in it with me. i guess ive been trying to "recruit" people. yet for whatever reason NO ONE even feels like its important enough to just go home and type it into google. i always try to encourage people to not just take my word and DO THE RESEARCH. if anyone has any suggestions please. If you're in the southern Ontario area and maybe have a similar problem please message me. This could very well start happening with this debt ceiling decision tomorrow and we need to have the conversation. post links. articles. anything people im open minded 

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Welcome to the site!


You know I learned a lesson a long time ago. I am spiritual but not religious. I have a very hard time when people try to force their beliefs down my throat. What you are doing to them is the same thing they are doing to you. You are forcing your beliefs down their throats. I recommend that you follow your own path and engage the people that want to be engaged. 


I use to find ways to provoke religious people, so that I could point out the flaws in their logic. I found that I won a lot of these encounters. However it never made me feel good. I think that it is far more powerful to be respectful. Their way is their way, let them have it. You can prove them wrong by living the better life. 


Remember if you feel your prepared, then you will be less stressed and see the world as it is. A place you can control, you have the food, the skills necessary to grow food, etc... As the world falls apart you will stand as a shining beacon. They will want what you have, then you share your secret. You share the success.


Being prepared is not going to make it easier for you to go through the rough times it is only going to allow you to take advantage of the hard times. You will be in a positions to negotiate to get what you want. You will be able to form a business to help those around you and get them on their feet while you make a profit. It is a win for everyone. 


Even during the great depression the prepared prospered. It was around these very successful people that the county was able to heal. The good companies the good men ie... you, are steel that will be forged from the fires of adversity. The rest of the shoddy stock will crumble and only the strongest will remain strong. However that bad stock will be there to be reforged, and now you will be the one to help reforge it. 


So lead by example, walk the walk. Talk when they ask or get in your face, and let those other wait till they are ready. You will never control how others think, so be comfortable with how you are and how you think.


If you still so badly want to convince other people then I would look into street epistemology as it is a way of conversing without triggering defensive behavior when forcing others to place their beliefs on the firing block. It is kind of a Socratic approach to educating others. 

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thank you! those are great points a definitely what i was hoping to hear. i try my best to not force my beliefs down peoples throats. I try to be as genuinely understanding as i can be because i KNOW exactly why they dont understand and why they are misinformed.  i Guess im just frustrated that i seem to be the only person i know who even cares to take a real look at the world im the only one who questions what im told by mainstream media and for me its completely clear. im really lacking a sense of community in my life. i just want to find someone i can physically hangout with that understands this stuff. even just one friend would be a game changer for me. im not religious either. i would say im spiritual. Im in a mindset that i dont believe anyone on the planet has the story 100% true but i do believe there is a spiritual realm and a physical and an interlocking timeline between the two. so i definitely know the feeling of people shoving their beliefs down my throat but i also see a real difference between "belief" and facts. i feel like facts has been turned into some dirty word i almost feel gross saying it but thats exactly what it is. world news. real people. things labeled "conspiracy theories that have now come to be true. its very frustrating. i honestly feel like leading people through this collapse is what i was built for. this is what i was meant to do. in fact i think i would be very good at it. it just very daunting when i feel so alone. preparing for not only myself but my family, my girlfriends family and some others close to me is something that i feel like i need to do but on a student budget with a shitty job is next to impossible. i could just use some help. or encouragement at the very least. ive considered therapy, but this topic even effects the therapist himself on a personal level so whos to say they wont deflect it too? not to mention im not sure how id pay for it 

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I was watching a very interesting charismatic character on YouTube, the channel is Improvement Pill. He has a recommended reading list. I picked up 2 books on the his list. I will say that I think you could really benefit from the book I am reading right now from that list. The book is called "How to make friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. It was written in 1938 and still relevant to this day. It has some very good incites on what you would have to do to try and meet the people you are seeking. It was 3 dollars on amazon for the Kindle, worth every penny. 


Just remember you are on a site with people that think like you. You are not alone. Do not let the world get you down. I read a quote in that book from William James and I will paraphrase it here, "Emotions and Actions are strongly entangled, and you have no direct control over your emotions, you just feel those. However, you have control over your actions. If you act distressed or you act melancholy then you will evoke those emotions." So I say just act like you are okay and you will evoke that feeling in yourself. You will feel okay. 


Good Luck!  :D

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