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Book released! "An Invitation to Planet Big from The Beard" by Symbi Li Oasis

I have finally finished and published my book, An Invitation to Planet Big from The Beard, and it is now available on Createspace:

The book should be available on Amazon between Wednesday March 8th and Friday March 10th. (Will add a link when available, I get higher royalties from Createspace, but Amazon sales allow for reviews and higher awareness and may enable other benefits like free shipping, not sure how Createspace sales work for shipping/reviews on Amazon)


No ebook version available.




Edit: Amazon link:
You can have it email you when it becomes available. Should be by available by Friday.

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Is there a preview for it?


Not at this time.


Here's a copy of the Table of Contents if that helps anyone decide if they want to give the book a chance. The book may live or die based on whether or not anyone here gives the book a chance and then on whether or not they like and share the book enough to give the book credible awareness to spread to others. I have no marketing campaign and no money for ads. I think the book is interesting and read over the content many times, but getting others to give a book a chance when there are countless books and other ways of spending one's time is a rather difficult task, particularly when I have no money for ads to even make people aware of the option. Basically reliant on curiosity being piqued here enough to give the book a chance and then favorable reviews from the few who do, to get others to see the book as worth their time. Thanks for your interest.



Part One: On Notions 1
1 On Language and Words 3
2 On Truth and Understanding 10
3 On Nothing, Space, and Matter 15
4 On Fear 25
5 On Intelligent Non-Human Life 28
6 On Priming and the Origins of Beliefs 45
7 On God and Faith 51
8 On Free Will and Consciousness 62
9 On Determinism 78
10 On Morality 88
11 On Patriotism 105
12 On Majority Rule Democracies and Republics 107
13 On Politicians 119
14 On Power 126
15 On Property, Land, and “Intellectual Property” 131
16 On Unsettled Debates and Revolutions 138
17 On Societal Crashes and Market Corruptions 148
Part Two: For A New Way 155
18 For Truth and Understanding 157
19 For Statistics 170
20 For Great Justice 178
21 For Sovereign Democracy 188
22 For Rules 201
23 For Civic Duty and Citizenship 209
24 For Freedom and Spirit 219
25 For Religion and Beliefs 226
26 For Property and Fairness 241
27 For Roads and Trade 255
28 For Morality 266
29 For Openness 292
30 For Hope and Exceptionalism 295
31 For The Way 301
32 For Fear 312
33 For Conclusion 321
If You Could Make the World a Better Place… 329
For Fun 330

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Appears it became available on Amazon earlier than expected. Now available:



Not sure how the affiliate links for FDR work, but here they are, to support FDR as well:

for the UK and Europeans:
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Is there a preview for it?


There is now a preview for the book via the "Look Inside" feature on Amazon:

Also shows the back cover (but not the spine).

Think it shares different amounts with different people based on some hidden algorithms for deciding that. Shares most of the book with me, but not sure how much it will show others.


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