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I love every podcasts even the ones that make me cringe and turn them off... usually means that I need to do some thinking... ok back on track...


Stef please... do some skits... do some media heavy or clip heavy videos... do some two angel videos good angel bad angel... do a good stef bad stef video... stretch your writing mojo... craft something amazing... as far as amazing media driven video I have seen nothing since the truth about slavery...


and I am desperate to see something


you have so much material... that could easily lend itself to comedic interpretation...


if you never do this...


you still have some amazing material...


if you do this....


and do it right...


aaaahhh mmmmmm



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I second that. I too think that more weapons like humour and theatricality would expand the reach of FDR considerably. After all, that it what attracts people. I personally very much appreciate his British humour, whenever he uses it, thus I pay more attention to those speeches in which I can expect to hear some.

However, I am quite sure that Mr.Molyneux refrains from this path deliberately. It is not like he doesn't know how to do this stuff.

Perhaps someone could explain why he doesn't  take that route more often.

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Not trying to shoot you guys down in anyway -- I do find those ideas good, but Mr. Molyneux already makes a bunch of jokes in his show. I remember one for example, where he had a guest on and he mentioned that men's bell curve of intelligence looks more like a tit while women's is shaped more like a penis and both me and the guest laughed hysterically.

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I think more about pushing boundaries even further, how exactly no idea. Be prophetic and be prepared to be completely incorrect, completely irrational, but perhaps truthful. I don't know how the guys thinking works, but as more people emerge on Youtube, that adds to the pool of knowledge. (collective consciousness perhaps) Maybe, a Bridge too Far though or Kelly's Heroes or something. I guess you could end up going insane.

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I'd love to see him have an argument with himself. Head on left side of screen is regular Stefan, head on right is a character. This could be used for humor, educational, or even very dramatic. Think a conversation between parent and child. We know he's got the chops to pull it off, and they have the capability to edit something like that.


Could be a very powerful format.

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