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Creating maximum benefit for children in day care.

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I am planning to open my home up to provide day care for 3 children ages 6 to 10. 

What would you recommend as areas of focus to bring as much value to the time I have them in my care as possible?

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More background information about you and your house please.

What information would be helpful to you?

I am in my 50's, retired. I live in a comfortable apartment with access to a very nice children's park within walking distance. I have talked to an opposite gender friend of mine who would be interested in participating as well. When I was in college, and between employments later, I worked as a nanny for a couple of families. I am knowledgeable about various teaching techniques and childrens crafts. 

I was never in a position to have children of my own, but I've always been good with them.

I have always believed that spanking was lazy parenting, it gains compliance in the moment but no long term change in behavior. Having familiarised myself with Stephans research I am now convinced that it is not just lazy but horribly damaging. I have gone to many parenting classes in pursuit of "reparenting" myself. (I know that sounds "off" but I found it useful). It was part of an overall therapy strategy I used for a number of years to escape some of the long term effects of my own toxic upbringing.

That's all that springs to mind.

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