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Question re "The War Against Men" video

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This is a question regarding "The War Against Men" video , with Tom Golden, from Dec. 2016...

Re: Men being "less than" if they don't provide, coupled with men having to prove themselves while the women don't: in addition to the expectations of men while courting women is there any research or insight about this regarding adult sons taking care of a mother, when the mother has had multiple children with multiple fathers, and worn through them or alienated those fathers, leaving only the sons to take care for her? And when the adult child encounters difficulty doing so, whether the mother was abusive, or if his own life requires a lot of attention elsewhere, are the same expectations and stigma involved?

Thanks in advance.

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I doubt there are any research so specific and so specifically targeted against single moms. Neither media, nor academia support examining such views.

There is a good video by Stephan on single moms, with researches and all, but not that specific.

But, from my personal experience, I would definitely expect that stigma, and not only for a son, but also for a daughter "who abandoned their mother in the time of need." But usually only one poor child pulls all the burden, while others live freely and avoid this responsibility at all costs. And the caretaker is usually not the most able or resourceful, but the most "responsible".

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Thanks for the link, Kirt.
You're probably right, neither media/academic support for such studies.

Sadly enough, while this is/was my situation, I'm seeing it happen to a friend of mine, now, with an absent father, lousy mother who is ill and was recently widowed by a decent stepfather, and not the mother is. using her illness (and not taking care of herself) to guilt trip her sons....moreso  his younger brother. It's weird, in hindsight, looking at what I was going through happening to someone else. All the doubt and guilt I experience(d), and I'm looking at them, and want to scream out "DON'T FALL FOR IT! DEFEND YOURSELF! DON'T DOUBT YOURSELF! DON'T TAKE THE GUILT!"


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