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Homeschooling with religion..

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3 replies to this topic

Marshall B

Marshall B
  • 88 posts

Neither me nor my wife are religious but we are homeschooling 2 little ones in an area where there's quite a few homeschoolers that all have a christian aspect to whatever it is they are doing. While I side with a lot of these folks love for less government the religion aspect is a square circle I'd like to avoid. Any of you guys experience this? I think we could handle it. Religion was awful for me as a child but my parents were believers not thinkers. Anyways, Im not even sure how intense the religious part of the get togethers would be which is important. I have zero interest in trying to change anyones mind so thats not an option. Finding a perfect tribe aint easy.

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    Jeffrey Till

  • 482 posts

We're in the same situation. We're in the deep South.  We've found a handful of secular homeschooling families but have been avoiding many of the Christian organizations.  Some of our friends just still send them to the Christian homeschool clubs which actually practice scripture and such.  They just try to reverse the bad information when the kids come home.


Outside of the formally planned clubs, we can get along with religious folks simply by not talking about religion with them.  We might meet up at park for a homeschool park day with them, but we don't have them over to break bread.


It sucks overall and I would guess it's the same everywhere.  Best of luck!

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  • 204 posts

I am unschooling my two kids in Virginia where almost everyone with kids seems to attend some church. It's hard. We are in a local homeschooling group that we have only one leg in because of the major religious aspect. That said, I just look for those who aren't interested in converting us and is willing not to talk about it all the time. 


One of the problems for me is I don't enjoy being around them much. And my kids don't like keeping their opinions on the matter quiet. They would like to ask them, "If you can't prove God exists, then why do you believe?" I haven't told them they can't ask but they know it would likely bring about some unpleasant reactions to them so they just avoid it--but I can tell they wish it wasn't like that.

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  • 55 posts

Hi, Marshall!


We used to be affiliated with a homeschool co-op. Although homeschooling is the best thing that ever happened in my childhood, the co-op was terrible. Not because they were christians, but because they were stern catholic haters (I am cathiloc). I can only imagine how they feel about atheists. So I feel you.


That being said, as you probably know as well, the evangelical protestants are darn good at this homeschooling thing, and it has much to do with them being protestant. So I suggest you learn from them what you can, then leave the sht behind.

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