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Ann Landers reference

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Hey guys


I am currently translating UBP into Norwegian, but there is a reference to Ann Landers on page 50, which I am not sure what to do with:


"There is little point writing a book about personal preferences – and we can turn to Ann Landers for a discussion of socially preferable behaviour – here, then, we will focus on the possibility of Universally Preferable Behaviour. "


Does anybody know what Stefan means by this? I have looked up Ann Landers, but I am not sure what she has to do with socially preferable behavior, so I am not sure if there would be an appropriate equivalent localized to Norway.




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Advice columnist, telling people what to do in social situations.  But I think Miss manners,(Judith Martin) would have been a more appropriate reference, she is an advice columnist focusing on etiquette. Does Norway have an etiquette authority? 

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