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David Ottinger

Conscience Experience VS Reality: How accurate is our perception?

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Donald Hoffman presents to us a new way on how we perceive reality.  Simply put: Instead of our senses developing in order to provide an accurate observation of reality, the mind instead simulates reality according to biological filters that ensure reproduction. 



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Working with sensors and deriving meaning from from them by writing code sort of gives you this view. Yet, he dangerously makes a disconnect there between your experience and what's there.


We can build machines that error correct or error detect via cross-validation, and as a human you do that as well. Your view of reality is certainly coherent with what's there. You cross-validate this with other humans, via machines that aren't even human, with the multiplicity of your own sensors (you see, and feel a thing). He's talking about representation, but representation is meaningless -- the mere distinction between things and the ability to create sub-meanings is what matters.


So yeah, maybe your green is another person's red, so while you look at the same object, you see green, and the other person sees red, but you both call it green, because his red is everyone's green. I ask, what does this representation matter for?


So to me, this is an interesting idea but it's not useful for anything, it's just a belief that connects to nothing actionable and that has no impact on any other belief.

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Interesting. One important thing is that colors do not exist in reality, only frequencies. But I guess this presentation aims to go even deeper than that.

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