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Trump's "Playdough" Contribution to Louisiana

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Currently my Facebook feed is circulating the upper portion of this meme. According to leftist media, people are outraged that Trump would exploit the Louisiana flood victims by redirecting first responders and other precious resources for a photo op and gratuitous play-dough donation.


Clearly the "play dough" spin is a very superficial report on Trump's actual relief efforts, which involved an 18 wheeler truck filled with essential supplies such as drinking water, food, socks, diapers, etc. 


Trump pointed out Obama's absence in the relief effort, which was rebutted by Governor John Bel. Edwards who said, "I asked them to let us get out of the response mode where we were still conducting searches of houses, and we were still making rescues. I didn’t want to divert these police officers, sheriff’s deputies and state troopers and other essential resources and assets to providing security for the president while they were needed in this region to undergo those — or to undertake those response activities. And I asked that if he could wait until the response was over and we got into the recovery phase, which I predicted we would do over the weekend and certainly next week would be a better time for us to visit. But the president is welcome to come to our state anytime that he wants to." http://www.politicususa.com/2016/08/21/louisiana-gov-destroys-gop-faux-outrage-obama-baton-rogue-sooner.html


​As far as Trump's relief efforts are concerned, he's getting mixed reviews. Some of the victims are clearly grateful for his pro-active efforts, while others suggest that his presence was more burdensome than helpful. Any thoughts?





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The level of vitriol for Trump and his supporters by the lamestream media affiliates like facebook and twitter has reached an all-time peak. Their primary response to any event involving him is slander. The leftist political pundits conflate their hate, fear and bias to perpetuate memes based on complete falsehoods. "Trump donates play-doh ONLY! The DRUMP DOOFUS Interferes with the relief effort and looks foolish!" I can anticipate an upcoming SNL skit based on this.


Meanwhile, Obama is excused when a republican president would be excoriated for vacationing during a tragic event effecting the black community.


Trump is making common sense arguments to get a larger fraction of the black vote which demonstrates the willingness for real change in the black community. The new plantation is the democrat run urban cities. Legal latino immigrants are also trending for Trump. The minority vote will not be as imbued with passion and fervor as they were for Obama's elections and more having a higher likelihood to switch their vote.


There is a lot of time before the election and Shillary has a good chance of dropping out so hope still remains! Even though as Stalin said "It's not the people who vote that count, It's the people who count the votes that matters."

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Trump coming down to provide disaster relief took some of the burden off of emergency services. Obama visiting the disaster area would increase the burden on emergency services.


It tells you quite a lot about the difference between these two men.

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