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[MobileApp] UberGuard - a p2p marketplace similar to Uber for Safety Services

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scottm    13

I'm building a MobileApp similar to Uber which will enable everyone to have access to all forms of security services & become a provider themselves. The goal is to change the monopoly of Government provided safety services, by building a decentralized (unstoppable) safety services exchange w/ service provider reputation, similar to Uber. What Uber has done for taxis UberGuard will do for safety, including "collective defense" or large-scale threat mitigation.


This system will implement ideas based upon:

  • DROs - Dispute Resolution Organizations - typical 3rd party arbitors which can used by freemarket participants to define who will resolves disputes
  • Safety centric Insurance - restitution for all losses, provides public records (similar to credit scores) for thieves so they are motivated to pay back their debt from theft or breach of contract
  • Independent Bodyguards - this service will provide a complete exchange & reputation system so anyone can provide bodyguard services for those who desire them.
  • Security guards - larger scale security operations for corps or neighborhoods
  • Private investigators (PIs) - function as they do today, but without constraints of current gov controls, they are responsible to you & the market.
  • Fire services - similar to today, however they will be much more efficient & likely organized by or funded by insurance plans


We'll have more on the development as it matures, along with videos every step of the way to explain it to other developers & the users. Our goal is to build all the freemarket solutions necessary to actually implement freedom today. By using the leverage of market realities, we will drive people to behave rationally (non-violent) as they will not be able to compete / survive in the world, unless they do. Our decentralized p2p centric solutions will build a system of incentives & disincentives which drive non-violent behavior & irrational actors will be priced out of the market & forced to adapt. 


Join us: Like, Subscribe, Share, Donate to fuel the development of Freedom, today.




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Are you making an app like this checkmate phone service app? Something that can be used for the individual safety? For the solo travelers, students, lone workers. If you are planning to make one such like this. Really, it is useful and I appreciate your input. Post about the work progress. Hope that it will give a good outcome. Looking for your replies.

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