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Ranko Kohime

Suggestion: Audio format

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A few weeks ago, at the end of one of the call in shows, Stephan remarked that the podcast is in mp3 format at 96 Kbps.


Is this done for compatibility reasons? I ask because a great deal of bandwidth could be saved by going to Ogg, either Vorbis or Speex. I've had good results with Vorbis at Q0, which translates to 30-35 Kbps on average.


I've not played around with encoding Speex as of yet, but I have heard some very high quality voice recordings in the 20 Kbps range.

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Ogg is not natively compatible with iTunes or iOS players. I'm pretty sure that requiring people to install custom audio players to listen to the podcast is a non-starter. Ogg is also not universally compatible across popular browsers, so the fdrpodcasts.com site would suffer as well.

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codec2 is the lowest bitrate around, an open source development for digital HF-radio links.

Opus is a fairly new codec suitable for everything from speech to music.

Neither is practical to use for most people.

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