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Stefan Molyneux

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Freedomain Radio (FDR) is a philosophy podcast hosted by Stefan Molyneux. A number of independent contractors are hired to perform a variety of tasks related to the show. On August 17 and 18, 2014, one of these independent contractors, Michael DeMarco, served a series of DMCA takedown notices based on claims of copyright infringement against a YouTube channel hosted by J. Raven entitled “Tru Shibes” which contained dozens of videos and photos with excerpts of original FDR material. Subsequent to its receipt of the takedown notices, YouTube disabled the “Tru Shibes” channel. Raven never submitted any DMCA counter notices to YouTube. These events resulted in a dispute between FDR and Raven, as well as online speculation that the “Tru Shibes” channel had been taken down due to doxing of FDR listeners. FDR has subsequently investigated this issue and has not found any instances of doxing on the “Tru Shibes” channel. In any event, to resolve this dispute and foster a broad range of discussion and debate regarding FDR’s content and material, FDR has no objection to the “Tru Shibes” channel being reinstated on YouTube, although FDR does not endorse the commentary and opinions of J. Raven that are expressed on the “Tru Shibes” channel.

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