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Mob rule is awesome.

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OK.., so i got your attention... :D



First,...., Its easy to argue the right to vote comes from property rights, but i will not go there in this post, there is nice mises video on this.


I wanted to present the Swiss direct referenda system.., citizens cant make laws themselves (would be cumbersome for 3 million or even 200.000 to have a town hall meeting and draft laws)... But Swiss can knock down laws they dont like or ask to have a law drafted by government (which would need in turn need to pass a nullification referenda).


Anyway, I wanted to present some referenda campaigns (photos from Zurich Kanton and Bernd kanton) ie. Kanton=State (kindof).


Citizens argue the issue, (strike down a -proposal- law or not). and then people get to vote.


Billboard advocating raising taxes on the rich (1% capital tax). stricken down by 75% of the population... proposed by the socialist segment of society.

Posted Image

Prosal to pay for nurses for elderly people at home in Kanton Bernd (Swiss heatlhcare is state of the art)

Imagine getting personal care at home payed by the the community

(proposal didnt make it, not cost effictive)

Posted Image

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