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Carl Green

Women of MRM/AVM coverage on Vice.com

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It would have been helpful to the viewers who are unaware of the MRM or feminism to talk about their view points.

People may think it is an argument to talk about the characteristics of people rather than their argument to justify/disprove their argument.

How could this video be passed off as a documentary? I suppose it is an introduction to some of the people involved, such as the Honey Badgers.

But how do we know what they believe in? All that was gathered was that they do not like feminism with an emphasis on vulgarity, but the video neglected to discussed why as a focal point that the Honey Badgers do not approve of feminism and move towards MRM.

Propaganda at its finest.

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Funny how they use that "welcome to the carnival check out the weirdos" music throughout.


It's pretty typical though, Vice always just scrapes the surface of anything they cover.  Everything is sensationalized and the whole model to selling their stuff and drawing in viewers is "check out how f'd up this is!"  Some of their documentaries are interesting just in that they cover niche topics in a pretty gritty fashion.  But I don't think any of it is very profound.


But at least it wasn't like every other Vice piece with a hipster host from New York going out into the wild somewhere and whining about how cold it is the whole time.

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