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Three little socialist pigs

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This is just a quick short story I wrote today. It is a silly and political take on three little pigs.
I recently got Dragon NaturallySpeaking and was curious how well the voice recognition went. This is my first attempt at writing a story using the voice-recognition software. I think it turned out well, you can see for yourself there are a few mistakes that it made. And it's miserable at punctuation. Or to be more accurate it doesn't do punctuation at all and I have yet to learn to smoothly say the punctuation that I want it to use. But as you can see it does a remarkably good job of recognizing what I want to say. I think Stephan made a good recommendation on this. Except it can't spell Stephan correctly. Ha ha ha ha
I am posting this here for your enjoyment.
I think it's worth a laugh or two.

once upon a time there was a mother pink pig who had three little baby pigs and families and when these baby pigs got old enough the mother pink decided it was time to send them out into the world and she told them to go out into the world and start their own families

now these three little pigs they believe in democracy and the power of one person I mean one pig to have a vote and to make a difference


so on the road they met a Wolf in this big bad Wolf wanted to eat them now these pigs being very smart pigs decided that it be best to run away and build some houses now the oldest pink he was very hard-working pink and whenever he set his mind to something he always did it very well the middle pink was not quite as hard-working he sometimes let his mind wander and would stopped play some games and the last pink he never completed anything he always did things the easiest way possible but had a unique fascination with guns.


Now these three little pigs decided that the best way for them to survive with a Wolf around was to take a vote and therefore decide what they should do now the oldest little pig thought that they should all build their own houses and perhaps help out the other pigs when they were had the chance the youngest and laziest pig thought that's the other pigs should help out that all pigs should help the poor pigs to get a leg up so they put the decision to a vote the three little pigs voted on first on whether they should all go their own ways and build their own houses


now the first little pig the oldest one thought it was a grand idea and so he voted that they should all go their own direction and build their own houses the middle little pig he wasn't so sure so he went with everyone helping each other because not help each other and the youngest little pig voted they all must help each other. After counting votes to votes for helping each other and one vote for going their own ways the littlest pig exclaimed "well that settles it will all help each other"but the biggest pig did not like this idea and he said"I don't like this idea was to make me help you what if I just decide to go and make my own house?" It was at this point that the littlest pig pulled out his gun and said to the oldest pig"look here we put this to a democratic vote and the people have decided so you're just going to have to go along with it do you understand?" At that the oldest pig understood finally.


So they'd once started and since the littlest pig was the one with the gun they first started tilting the littlest pig's house. Now since the littlest pig was the laziest he spent much of the afternoon letting the others do his work for him and it wasn't long before they also became fairly lazy and stopped working altogether by dinner time. At dinnertime the house was not finished, in fact the house was nowhere near finished it still needed roof and two walls and windows and doors there were many things that was missing but none of the pigs really felt the need to finish the job properly and they all took a ferry very long dinner and when the very long dinner was finished they all sat down by the fire and fell asleep.


During the night the big bad Wolf was on the prowl when he saw the pigs sleeping by the dying embers of the fire and the half built house. He was so excited by his good fortune that he forgot to be very cautious as he approached the pigs. And so the two older pigs who had not had much quite as much to eat or quite as much to drink as the youngest pig were able to wake up and run off into the forest the youngest pig unfortunately had far too much to drink and far much to eat and was very quickly gobbled up by the big bad Wolf.


In the morning the two older pigs decided that democracy was not the way to make good decisions, and also that pointing a gun at people was not the best way to be good family members. And the older pig decided that it would be a good idea to help each other, and what better way to help them to teach the younger pig how to build a sturdy house. So that day the older pig and his younger brother spent their time building a strong sturdy house and the younger pig learned many things about how to build a dirty house. So that by the end of the day when they'd finished building the house of bricks the younger brother felt that he could build his own sturdy brick house. And that night the big bad Wolf came to the sturdy brick house with the two older pigs and said little pigs little pigs let me in and the pigs replied not by the hair of our chinny chin chin so the Wolf huffed and he puffed but he could not blow down the house that the two brothers had built.

The end


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