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Is there a Podcast on infantilization?

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A form of abuse. I did a search and couldn't find anything . Thanks Ivan :)
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Rainbow Jamz

Rainbow Jamz

    That Popular Anti-Social Guy

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it has been mentioned briefly a few times but I think there should be a podcast solely about infantalization.

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You don't know Heaven 'til you've gone through Hell.


Nothing is permanent, only short term or long term.


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Children who are infantilized are not taught basic skills in independence. Mom (and maybe dad) cheat them out of childhood lessons ironically damning them to not feeling "privileged" or "protected" like mommy and daddy told them they were.


I would guess a causation being dependence on government by our parents. "Our kids will get free stuff too!"


Infant people must learn basic individuation skills they were never taught and must avoid enablers and rescuers.


--some part-quotes from Dr. Faye Snyder's book on parenting, "The Manual"

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He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask
remains a fool forever.


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I have heard a psychiatrist say that infantilization is as damaging as physical or emotional abuse. Its consequences in adulthood are as worse and harder to manage.

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"My common sense is tingling."


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First caller


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