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The Atlantic - Public schools actually superior to private schools.

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fractional slacker

fractional slacker
  • 568 posts

Statist magazine publishes article supporting statist schools. What did you expect, honest journalism? Warning:  It's so full of delusion and confirmation bias it could make you sick.


Take this gem as an example:

Religion aside, why are parents spending so much money to send their kids to private schools?

CAL: That's a great question, and some economists that have looked at these types of conclusions are really confused by that. Why would somebody pay money for a service that is apparently inferior to one they could get for free?




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    truth seeker

  • 2734 posts

Until SCHOOL is voluntary and synonymous with education, I think comparing government to private schools is asking the wrong question.

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  • 1967 posts

School being better than other school says nothingt


the whole education system is anti-empirical and does not teach the way people learn, nor does it support cultivating an attitude of life-long learning.


Any measures of success within it are measures of the wrong things, such as performance on standardized tests.


the majin skill taught in school is memorization which is the least useful skill the the information age where everything is available at the touch of a button.

plus, the way they treat children is inexcusable

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  • 743 posts

Let's see, the school environment itself.

Better responsiveness of teachers and administrators to parent concerns.

Better cultivation of soft skills.

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    Jeffrey Till

  • 458 posts

If we understand the purpose of schools to be creating obedience and complacent workers, then public schools would certainly fare better than anything else.

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Alan Chapman

Alan Chapman
  • 5444 posts

The Atlantic - Public schools actually superior to private schools.


Majority of young adults think astrology is a science


In U.S., 46% Hold Creationist View of Human Origins


Scientific illiteracy in the U.S.


Functional illiteracy in the U.S.


1 in 4 Americans Unaware that Earth Orbits Sun

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Josh F

Josh F


  • 1250 posts

The real question is why are you sending your children to any school.  We already invented the internet, hello!??!?!?!

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