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The Failure of College Education

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I'm simply trying to facilitate their interest with negotiation, not force.


I acknowledge that, but force isn't the only consideration here, is it? IF bribery can be damaging to a developing child, then pressuring them to read would come with the benefit of learning to read, but at what cost?


I would talk to the child and try to determine why they appear to have no interest in reading. Keeping in mind as I stated above that most of the answer is going to be the responsibility of the parent. Keep in mind too that in the digital age, reading doesn't have to mean a book. I've seen some insanely cheap tablets lately. I would look into what is available out there in terms of children's/learning to read books in digital format. Who wants to use a rotary phone attached to the wall when they can be at the park and just whip something out from their pocket?

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O.k., it seems to boil down to the fact that if children are raised peacefully and not forced to go to government schools, there would never be any need for bribery in the first place.  I agree with this.  In fact, if parenting is done right, there almost seems to be no chance that the child won't want to learn to read intrinsically.  But it still could happen. 


Stef claims he has bribed his daughter with skittles when trying to get her to read.  So there is one example right there.  I suppose he could have just decided to wait another year and see if she's more open to it, but what's the harm in negotiating with her?  Please tell me what the negative effect of this interaction would be?

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From my own early childhood I could remember a strong desire to learn and experience the world and find out about it.


At some point in my later childhood I just stopped caring though and I put it down to the drudgery of public education, the indoctrination, the bullying of parents and all the other cult bullshit that they use to get you to believe in their system of exploitation.  Anyone who manages to get through all that and come out the other side as a reasonable thinker does so in spite of it, not because of it.  It's a massive battle to not feel like you are being submerged under it all.

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