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Darwin's Myth is not "quite credible"

darwinism evolution

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This guy wants $10 for a book "disproving" Darwin.  Now if he could actually do that he'd get the Nobel prize worth $1M.  His name would be internationally known.  There would be TENS OF THOUSANDS of preachers urging their followers to buy his book, each convincing dozens of followers to buy his book.  Yet he's not on any bestseller lists.  Not even the ludicrously non-credible creationists have praised him have they?  And yet you expect us to believe that a theory that has withstood criticism for over 150 years is destroyed by your little text?  Note that he claims that these criticisms were known from the start, so they've clearly been discredited for over 100 years.  Stop wasting our time.

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People won't buy the book because they would assume it is propaganda. He wouldn't get a Nobel prize. The Nobel prize doesn't go to the most deserving because it is politically biased, that is how Obama got the Nobel peace prize. Preachers won't pay for people to buy his book disproving evolution if the book claims the alternative to evolution is alien creation. Besides, Christianity is starting to accept evolution, and they are not considering it as much as a threat. As for evolution withstanding 150 years of criticism, Christianity withstood 2000 years of criticism, and it is today the world's most popular religion. So withstanding criticism means nothing.

People would buy the book. He could get a Nobel prize. The Nobel peace prize is different from the Scientific prizes. Preachers would pay for a book that disproves evolution even if the alternative is alien creation. Evolution withstood 150 years of scientific criticism. Christianity did not. 

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This eBook is designed to explain the essential
aspects of Intervention Theory that anyone new
to it, or interested in learning more about it, will
need to know. It is grounded in solid, reliable
academic research, though it is not footnoted or
annotated because there is no point in doing so.
Statements made by alternative researchers like
me are automatically contradicted by scientists
insisting we are not simply wrong, but stupidly
wrong. They further insist we have no right to
challenge their cherished beliefs because our
only “credentials” are an unwarranted faith in
our ability to discern truth from nonsense.
[This doesn’t refer to
scientists. Some still
willingly risk reputation and security to explore
topics that defy dogma. However, they are
Every point I discuss is supported by facts in
available research, but I am often criticized by
skeptics. Why? Because the issues I discuss are
long-lived sacred cows to mainstream sciences.
They protect their herd
with admirable tenacity,
as I would if I had somehow joined their ranks.
Looking back, I’m delighted I managed to find
a different herd to look
after, because I’m sure
those areas of study will lead to our true future.
Also, this eBook contains a small amount of
repetition. The best way to learn anything, to
make it stick in memory like velcro, is to use a
technique known as
Programmed Learning
Years ago, school workbooks had sentences
containing blank segments to be filled in by
students. They were in
termittently repetitive,
which subtly enhanced memory. Workbooks
are no longer used as much, but intermittent
repetition remains a useful learning tool.
This eBook’s purpose is to introduce readers to
highly controversial concepts they should easily
absorb and, more importantly, recall with some
detail for later discussion
and, if needed, debate
with friends and family not yet familiar with the
basic evidence supporting Intervention Theory.

So I read the preface and I have decided this book is silly. It says there is evidence, but it is not provided through link or source or otherwise. After all, evidence need not be provided.


Then it plays the persecution for beliefs card as they are not respected because they do not provide hard and consistent evidence and ignore contradictory evidence. Of course, this is because they are die-hard scientists out to get these theoreticians.


Then the book proclaims that the best way to indoctrinate is through steady repetition and so facts and evidence are non-existent in the book, but they will repeat non-sense that is unproven over and over so that you will be programmed to repeat it to others.


I think that there are better uses of my time to say the least. Logic can't even be pretended to be put forward in the preface then the book is not even worth the effort to read it.

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Think Free

Think Free
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So, this discussion has been going on for a while now, and I'm just curious: Have any of those disagreeing with Rainbow Dash actually read the book he's suggesting you read?

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