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Resource-Based Economy vs. Anarcho-Primitivism

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I am technologically retarded, plus usually in bed by 10. Does this happen at any other time?


Hop into FDR chatroom and I can try and help you setup your TS3 if you need help still. I'll try to be in FDR chat on and off for a few days, however you can guarantee my presence in thet chat around 5pm est. Also Outbound said he's there in TZM TS3 at 4 pm est therefore you can go into TZM TS3 around 4pm est to talk to outbound, and again he's wlling to chat with you in a rpivate channel and even willing to lock the TS3 channel so no one can join and so you and him can have a private debate.


FDR chatroom



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Tell me skeptic
Is your critical point of view getting to be a closed door to objectivity ^
This question I use for myself when realizing the way I address my thoughts don’t bring any responses.  
It seems skeptics are systematically avoiding confrontations persons like me.  
As large the face ( declared skeptics) as large the back ( blind believers)
The back blindness being the systematic search for the crack in the wall, using for the study the latest nuclear microscope.  Doing so they are followers of the religion that promotes machines as the new gods. 

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