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Why is this even a main topic?

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What annoys me personally (and now I speak personally if I may) is the level of militancy I see in atheism, when it just shoud be what it is: a (very) personal belief. I have seen attempts to paint it as something other than just a belief: "it is a non belief" some say and such attempts of cheap sophistry, but everything seems to be always a gordian knot with such atheists.

My preference is that you talk about what bothers you about atheism, and what you see and how you perceive that.I'd much rather read that than about how the forum is set up wrong, how everyone should be thinking differently, and all that.It's kinda like you walked into an internet cafe, and started telling people they were wrong for using the wifi, the seating is laid out poorly, and being there in the first place is wrong. People are just going to look at you funny.The rest of your post, and my replies, are just making jokes I find funny. In general, I'm doing it for my own amusement. You might feel annoyed, but I am not setting a goal to annoy you. If I was setting that as a goal, then great success, I guess.For example:


How is atheism a belief exactly?

If you are an atheist and you do not know that, you are in deep waters my friend.


Actually, I'm about 120' above sea level, on land. Although I appreciate your concern for my ability to swim.----Jokes aside, I ask a question, you take that to mean I don't know/have an answer to it, and that the absence of having an answer is somehow bad for me. There's a lot going on in that first sentence.

It is a belief because you believe there is no God or Gods.And this is all there is to it.

You claim to know what I believe, and we've never spoken before, to my knowledge. Then, you say there's nothing to explain. Are you serious?I don't get it, why are you here? Are you really saying we need to move this forum into a subtopic? Why?Why start arguing about whether atheism is a whatever, or a whatever else, in the atheism forum, when you want the forum moved?Apparently, this forum is well placed, because here you are, talking about atheism. My head is spinning.I feel pretty good though, this thread is kinda confusing in it's purpose, but whatever. I'm smiling.I hope this forum is productive for you Yan, feel free to let me know what you think.

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Yan, I have to admit, that angry profile pick of yours makes me read each of your posts like it is in an angry growl.  It's very effective.


As for atheism as a main topic, doesn't a thread like this make the case that people want to discuss it?

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