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Young Libertarian From Florida, Woot!

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Hey everyone, Glad to be here!


I've been researching a lot about Anarcho-capitalism, and I am also a Libertarian myself. I hope to learn a lot of great things and concepts from the lot of you guys/gals. I am subscribed to Stefan's YouTube channel where I first learned about him, he has opened my eyes up and helped me shape up my political(or lack there of) beliefs. Other than learning and expanding myself to all broad topics, I hope to someday be a prominent authority in free markets. I'm 19 and have been fairly anti-government my whole life (with respect shown of course), then again which teen hasn't been anti-authority ;).


I hope you all can share me any books on ideologies or simply business management books in general, much appreciated in advance.


Once again, can't wait to learn and philosophize... and debate :D.

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That's awesome! Nice meeting you, and yea the Libertarian Party itself grew over 1200% from a year over. Pretty exciting stuff, I associate myself with them, but I wonder if the libertarian ideals will be manipulated from foreign ideologies.

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