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Infinite gratitude to Stefan Molyneux

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Dear Stefan,


I know that your birthday is passed, but I still want to send you this message as a general expression of my most infinite thanks.


I tend to forget to be good. But during such a moment as tonight, I am realizing the extent to which your philosophy has changed my life, and allowed me to feel in the slightest bit alive in the heat of my young adulthood. I am debating somebody about the state on the site Debates.org, and composing my second argument at the moment. With the pressure of needing to make my case against the state, I ended up initiating myself to the true rediscovery of the world that surrounds me.


For months, I have never understood anything. Now, I get it, and I am blown away by the world's madness. I see that there are people who are so warped that no longer human. They're 99,99% dead. 


But the desire for truth and virtue gives me hope for my own possible future. I have never seen through this lens. I could have never seen the things I see now without the spark of Freedomainradio.



If I died tonight, or tomorrow, or next week, Stefan, I would die happy, because my soul finally knows that there was a time when Oceania wasn't at war with Eastasia. You have saved my life.

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I feel the same way. Philosophy really changes lives. It's given me an entirely new and better way of making choices and analyzing the world.

I feel as though every day I'm a new man, a better man. Plus, having a good relationship with reality has been excellent for my self-esteem.

It's incredible to me that there really are sane people in the world who are interested in truth. 

Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful day my friend.

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