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What future FDR presentations would you like to see?

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Nathan Metric

Nathan Metric
  • 145 posts

I wish Stefan would invite Bill Warner (YT channel Political Islam) onto the show to discuss Islam. It might influence people's opinions on Trump's recent executive order on immigration. I believe people are against Trump's order because they are just plain ignorant of Islam.

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  • 469 posts

We need "The Truth About George Soros" stat. The only thing preventing him from prosecution is political will, which is basically 'how many of my constituents are talking about this'. It could even be a series with focus on Karl Popper, George Soros, and the Open Society Foundations in 39? locations around the world. 

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  • 82 posts

It would be interesting if he could get Mr. Trump to appear in the program. He did appear in Info Wars, that is known for being a crazy conspiracy theory show, so I doubt he would refuse to appear in the FDR show.

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  • 74 posts

more Canadian content, we have an election coming up, quit brown nosing to the yanks.

I know the owner of this site  is a Canadian,  Trudeau's POST NATIONAL STATE where the hell are ya, I'm an old gold miner that needs two replacement knees. What the hell have I paid for,for the last active fifty years? Like 150,000 thousand in taxes for many of them.

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  • 2 posts

I would love to see a new video covering the subject of sophistry where Stef breaks down some recent examples of it from MSM and politicians. There are casts covering sophistry in general where Stef explains what it is and what motivates sophists, but I'd love to see something more in-depth. I'm thinking of a video covering the way in which deceitful messages are crafted and how certain fallacies and rhetoric is so effective in influencing a person.  

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  • 1 posts

I'd love to see "The Truth about Ronald Reagan". 


Here are some topics that could be covered:


Reagan as Governor of California

The Iranian Hostage Crisis

Tax Cuts

Amnesty for Immigrants

The Iran Contra Scandal

What lies did the media tell about him?

How did the political left react to his landslide victory in 1980?


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