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What future FDR presentations would you like to see?

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I was researching what causes young men and women to join terrorist Islamic state and videos popped up on Youtube, which I found extremely useful and wanted to share

One channel is by Dom the Conservative, title is There is only one interpretation of Islam.

I feel she did a good job introducing some of the prophet's actions and I encourage you to do a video about The Truth about the Prophet Muhammad.


If Christians are instructed to be 'Christlike;' WWJD- charitable, forgiving, praying for enemies, etc.

Then I think it's time Christians look at who Muslims are instructed to emulate, and maybe they'd reconsider letting in a large WWMD population into their countries. Sharia law is not fun. Muhammad was a warlord


Another interesting video is about a Somalian Muslim convert (to Christianity), living in Sweden, her name is Mona Walter. She did a piece for TBN and one thing stuck out in the presentation for me especially, she said- 'Muslims do not become radicalized and violent until they start reading about Muhammad'.  That presentation is also on Youtube under: Woman Leaves Islam, After READING the Quran for Herself.


I think it's odd that today, in the modern world when Christians are radicalized the worst that tends to happen is you get a free meal and a Bible, but with when even modern Muslims are radicalized- you could get your head blown up


I appreciate FDR's patience with people like me who were brought up in a very Liberal environment. I could be wrong about this idea, but I appreciate the discussion.

These videos are very helpful even if they bore the majority of FDR people who are much further along in the thinking process than I am- :). I very much appreciate the videos in the 'Duh' category :thanks:

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ATLAS FAPPED - after years of degradation men gave up on women and embraced the new race of fembots!!!
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The Truth about Vermin Supreme!

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Matthew M.

Matthew M.
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Has Dinesh D'souza ever been on the show? I'm guessing not, but I personally think he might be worth having on since I'm guessing his audience is pretty smart.


He didn't really stand out to me until I saw this amazing show of courage of his


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So the "Truth about" series is what really got me in to seeing the world in a different light. So the feelings I get from the show is that it really puts people's "hero-worship" syndrome in check. So in following the same tradition, I'd like to see "Truth about" series that puts people's "villain-bashing" in check as well.


In the end people are just people that maneuver according to self interest. They are not saints, and in the same matter, they are not demons. 

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