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Donator Status/Premium Content Information

Donator Status - Includes donations made in the last 365 days.

Bronze Donator: $1 - $75 

Silver Donator: $76 - $125

Gold Donator: $126 - $499

Philosopher King: $500+


Monthly Recurring Donation Levels - Upgrade With Monthly Recurring Donation
Bronze Donator: $5/month
Silver Donator: $10/month 
Gold Donator: $20/month
Philosopher King: $50/month
Premium Content
Bronze Donator: Access to Bronze content.
Silver Donator: Access to Bronze-Silver content.
Gold Donator: Access to Bronze-Gold content and the Gold message board.
Philosopher King: Access to all premium content, and the Gold and Philosopher King message boards.
Notes On Donator Status Management
For non-monthly recurring payment donators, donations no longer count towards status after 365 days.
For monthly recurring donations, whatever your donation level is when you first sign-up, is the donation level you will be assigned throughout the duration. As an active monthly recurring donator, you will never lose your donator status. If you terminate your monthly recurring donation, you donator status level will be determined by the amount of your total donations for the previous 365 days. Your status will increase or degrade with time depending on your donations in the last 365 days.
If you've made a donation and would like your status to be updated, please contact Michael at operations@freedomainradio.com with your message board username and donation related information. 

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