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Get outa Dodge?!

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 TL;DR  The request is simply Helping me to parse the data, and rationally discover an objective answer if one exists.  The question for the show would be: Is moving out of the US objectively better than staying, and by what Rationale?    Certainly it would have been objectively better (if the goal is survival) for the Jews to leave germany before Hitler.   Is that the case here?


Long explanation: So, first things first.  I'm not a doom and gloomer, in that I really would prefer to be rationally optimistic where possible.  I love Stefan for keeping things real and presenting a clear picture whatever the case may be, but I also really like Jeffrey Tucker for the simple reason that he can always find the silver lining in todays increasingly bleak world.   He is part of the reason I keep my wildest fears in check and don't head off for the nearest forest to be a hermit since sometimes it certainly feels like that is the only safe option when we face the evil of todays leviathan state head on.


Sadly, In light of recent and historical events both inside the US and outside, (Auschwitz, Topaz UT, Boston Ma, and now the Prism and NSA, some would say 9/11)  It is starting to be a rather clear picture to me at least that evil people will do as much evil as they can get away with. (will they get away with murder here too?)  I don't think history repeats exactly, but it is certainly iterative and cyclical, and certain trends are unmistakable.  Is there some rationale to suppose that this time it will be different?  I think its also clear that the  Status Quo is unsustainable, at the very least the Dollar will probably collapse.  But does a dollar collapse necessitate Martial Law and an Orwellian State?  Supposing that "It can't happen here"  is obviously wrong without some evidence to point to, and we can dismiss it as irrational american exceptionalism.   So the question keeps coming to me;  Stay or Go?  If I it was the beginning of Hitlers reign, those who fled certainly were the smart one's.   Is there enough evidence and 'reading between the lines' to suppose a new tyranny will soon transpire?   Is there anywhere safer then where I currently am ?  Hard questions that I haven't been able to answer despite it taking up a considerable portion of my energies.

My current thinking is to seek stability.  But is there anywhere stable right now?  I've looked at South America, and heavily considered Chile as it ranks high on The Economic Freedom Index as well as the Global Peace index.   But they are also going through some instability with Student Riots as the students demand more free stuff.  So that doesn't sit well with me.  At the same time I realize we have similiar if not worse in the US with the Occupy movement and there silly demands.   So, not a complete deal breaker.  

Anyway, those are my current thoughts surrounding the dilemma.    Any thoughts or input is appreciated.




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I did a couple videos about this topic, perhaps they will be useful :). I've lived in China for a couple years and I certainly prefer it to the States, and I'm not even from Utah, which I'm sure has more religion and superstition than where I'm from.



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