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Hello from San Diego :)

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Hello FDR community! I live in San Diedo, CA and have been listening to FDR for about a year now. My twin brother introduced me to FDR, and though I had a hard time listening to Stef's videos without getting upset at first (denial, followed by anger...) , I now fully embrace the an-cap/voluntaryst ideas. I've always been a private person and have never participated in forums and such but I thought I should start making more effort into exchanging ideas and possibly making friends. I just graduated from college and have been looking for employment as well as friends. I didn't realize how hard it is to make friends once I'm out of school...let alone friends that would be interested in topics such as this. So if you're in San Diego and would like to talk/meet up, let me know! :)-Reina

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Hey, I don't usually come to the FDR boards, but I decided to drop by and post that I'm in San Diego and always looking to meet like minded people. I did a search first and found this post. So, howdy! Reina, send me a private message and maybe we can start an FDR community here!

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