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iTunes displaying podcasts out of order

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Hello all, in iTunes, all of the podcasts are listed in reverse order (newest first) and I cannot figure out why. I've checked the meta-info and all data seems to be correct. I've even tried editing track numbers and sort names without any effect. If it was displaying them in alphabetical order, it should start with 0, then 1, and so on rather than 271, 270...

There is a column within itunes that allows me to change sort direction by 'release date' and that works but only within the itunes program, not on my ipod. My ipod still displays the newest podcasts first, so I have to scroll alllllll the way to the bottom in order to get to the correct one.

Has anyone else had this problem? You can see it even on the itunes website http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/freedomain-radio!-volume-1/id309300262 it lists the first podcast as 271 and from the looks of it, all the other volumes are displayed the same way.

Anyone have suggestions to get them in correct order? 




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If you have iOS6, they have the new podcast app.

1. Click on the FDR podcast

2. Click on the top title banner for the whole podcast

3. Then you can change the "Sort This Podcast" and "Play This Podcast" Options

This will allow you to chnge your itunes to sort by release date and to sort it correctly on your ipod as well. If you do not have iOS6, then someone else will need to answer how to do that.


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I realise I may be necro posting here; sorry if it upsets anyone, as I know on some forums a necro post is deeply upsetting for some reason.


I was just about to fix another one of my regular podcasts feeds which seems to have been broken for doggcatcher at least and thought I might share this old fix I had for the Free Domain podcast series which used to always be broken on my dogg catcher and from memory another podcast catcher.


If it helps just one person here, I am sure it was worth the necro post: