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Johnny Liberty's "The Global Sovereign's Handbook"

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Just started reading this book, after watching Jonny Liberty: Reclaiming Your Sovereign Citizenship (110 minutes), I downloaded his book The Global Sovereign's Handbook.

For reasons that are not entirely clear to me, Johnny Liberty spent about 2 years in prison for tax fraud, but regardless of that, his talk and his book appear to be pretty on message for FDR. Much like Stef, he suggests living as a sovereign person would first, with personal responsibility, physical and emotional health and mental freedom. Only once you have achieved this should you move on to actively taking steps to give yourself first economic freedom and then true freedom from state oppression.

I also found some more recent material by Johnny Liberty (now under his real name), but it's all very ethereal and spiritual. I think that prison may have ruined this icon of the freedom movement.


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That's too bad.

I spent months getting together the various pdf files and extracting text from it, as it was NOT available anymore. The one resource that said it had it available wouldn't actually ship.

I created the new volume from original texts, and formatted it with openoffice for lulu ondemand publishing. As to be expected with such a close read, I was flabbergasted. A great GREAT book.

It's great to see it widely available again, just with a simple google search. My work's done... :-)

I received an email from lulu.com that it was also available in the Amazon marketplace, and I did find it with a search, but it seems gone again... Strange... Is the information so disturbing to the-powes-that-be?